Big problems

Big problems. The program constantly freezes. Can’t work on anything. What has already been written is lost. I use an Ipad pro 1TB. I want to beautify money because everything is bad.

Are you doing something particular when it freezes? Perhaps a Diagnostics Report might help the team investigate. I think it’s in the Files app in a Dorico folder under On my iPad and the zip file should be found in there.

I will try to find what you are asking for. Hangs, gets stuck while doing basic tasks. I have now loaded the instruments for the new score. Getting stuck trying to change the name of the instrument. then you need to reload. sometimes what has already been done remains, but often everything has to be started again. and so on forever. third day I can’t fix just the instruments of the score.


Dorico (224 KB)

Dorico (224.3 KB)

Donatas, are you using the Apple Pencil to interact with the user interface on your iPad? If so, I recommend you instead use your finger. For reasons we’re still not completely sure about, on certain iPad models, using Apple Pencil can lead to the app freezing, but using your finger should be OK. This is something we are looking into at the moment, having finally been able to reproduce the problem for ourselves on one or two of the devices we have in the team.


Aha! Probably all because of the pencil!!! Well, who would have thought!!! Everything seems to be working now. And it’s a shame you can’t use a pencil. It is very comfortable because the fingers are big.

We are working to fix the problem with Apple Pencil, and hopefully it will be addressed in the next update. I can’t promise it because it looks like the issue is in the underlying Qt framework upon which Dorico depends, but we’ll hopefully be able to fix it. If not, we will fix it as soon as possible after the next update.

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Great!!! Thank you very much!!!

Daniel, just to be clear. If those one or two devices are newer iPads running on M1 or M2 chips, then your hands are tied until the Qt developers make their code Apple SoC compatible. Is that a correct conclusion?
That would be nice to know before upgrading to a newer iPad.

Happily I am able to report that we were able to fix the problem with using the Apple Pencil causing the app to freeze this past week (by fixing the underlying bug in the Qt framework on which Dorico depends), so the next update, coming soon, should resolve this problem.


I don’t have M1 or M2 yet. But it’s all about the pencil. However, it does not mix at all in some places and the pencil can be used. Of course, when everything works even better, it will be very, very good. It will just be more convenient. Thank you very much, happy holidays. Best regards, Donat

@dspreadbury Great news! Thank you, Daniel!