Big Project - Great Outcome using WL10

I just got through with a very BIG project. The transferring of 400 cassette sides to digital. I used WL 10 on a Mac and PC to do the transfers. No problems and everything transferred without a problem. I just wanted to thank PG for a superior product and one that is both stable and extremely fast. I used all the features of WL to the fullest and never had a crash or problem. I have been with WL since version 1.6.2 and have always known I made the right choice for a DAW.

Thanks again PG and the Steinberg team!!!


Do you have any experience using Waves plugs on this thing? If so, I just wonder how it’s been working out.

BTW, thanks for posting this. I’m kind of on the fence regarding a purchase of WL 10; I’m still doing bug research.

I own WAVES bundles but did not use any of them on this project. Mostly used WL’s built in effects or IZOTOPE’s RX. I have used WAVES plugins on other projects with WL 9.5.5 but not with WL 10.0.6.

FYI. WL 10 is assume…

Well if Waves stuff works OK on 9.5, it probably works fine on 10. Thanks.

Just to check I ran WAVES plugins on WL 10.06 and they run fine. No noted problems. FYI

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You da man. Thanks.

Wavelab rocks! Many thanks PG for your efforts over the years - for this awesome program! I too love using it and have done much good work with it. Many thanks!