Big project load error "Remove Tracks That Could Not Be Connected?" which are output from VSTi

This is the first time I’m getting this error. It’s actually on a big project template. They are 24 outputs from Groove Agent that I have renamed.

It gives me the option to click ‘Okay’ or ‘Cancel’.

If it click cancel, the project loads and the suspect channels all seem to be okay. Groove Agent outptus to the channels in question, and the channels in question seem to be outputing to my main bus as expected.

The problem is, the error keeps happening and I can’t get rid of it. If I save a new version, close Cubase, and re-open… the same error happens.

if I click ‘Okay’ to delete the channels, it doesn’t actually delete them. They are all there working, just as they did when I hit ‘cancel’.

I just can’t get rid of the error on project start up.