Big projects tend to hang, Mac + PC

I use Dorico on three computers now, Win desktop/laptop and a Mac. Previously had worked on a mac only (2013 cylinder) and found these hanging problems, moved to a PC and it’s been much better, but overall Dorico unfortunately hangs too much. Use cases I’ve seen from many examples

Background: I work with big scores using BBCSO and VEP

  • Use Case 1: Sleeping the computer with a project open. I have many irons in the fire and don’t like to spend the time to keep bringing Dorico up/down to work on something, so I keep it up like every other app I use. Dorico however will inevitably hang after a couple of days of this.
  • Use Case 2: On recovering said projects (I often have two open at a time), when activating one of them Dorico will hang.
  • Use Case 3: When saving one of the projects after a hang, Dorico will hang again.

I see similar behavior on Mac and Windows here across the various computers. When D4 is up and running it’s fine on all three, but it still hangs under the use cases above.

RFC, if you work with big scores and big VST libraries, what’s your experience?

I also tend to leave Dorico running for days, weeks, with projects loaded overnight that I’ll return to in the morning.

In general, I have very few problems. I do have large scores, though perhaps not massive in the VSTs.

I’m on a Mac.

If Dorico is hanging, particularly when saving, then it’s almost always because the audio engine has died. When Dorico saves your project, it requests the audio engine to send it the necessary data to preserve the state of all of the plug-ins currently in use. If the audio engine has died, then that request goes unanswered, and Dorico hangs.

I don’t like to point fingers at other developers, but we’ve experienced (comparatively) a lot of crashes with Spitfire’s plug-ins. Perhaps you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file (if it’s not too big) so we can see whether or not my suspicions might be correct.

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Daniel I think your on to it. I’ll upload a diagnostic tomorrow but you triggered a memory that VEP is also hanging a lot, which would hang up Dorico.

I used to use EastWest Play which hung a lot too, is there no vendor who can write a stable VST?