Big sur = win 10 (telemetry)


Just saw this and was wondering wtf is wrong with these tech giants nowadays…lol
Seems they lost all sense of morality, decency and intellectual maturity?

Cybersecurity and Terrorism is a major concern, do you think they’re right or wrong to attempt prevention on such threats at the risk of personal infringements? Ultimately that’s the question to be asked.

It’s when this data is used against petty crimes (i.e. music/video downloads) that i feel it’s overkill. But, as long as these systems exist they will eventually flow down into those channels backed by greedy corps who can hit the poor ‘as an example’.

I dont really trust „them“ :joy:

Ask yourself how TSMC have made such huge strides in supporting the new Apple Silicon chips. :slight_smile:

The CPU will be watching and sending data off without any input from the O/S very soon, anyway. I think that’s why Apple are trying to get control within that hardware realm so they don’t miss out.

Well… its come to the ol 1984 vs brave new world eh?

We will either have our own computers and be in charge of our gear/self etc… independent


We will all have glorified netbook nodes… each of our devices require a connection to *the black box/the master server to function…/total dependency and controlled by them?:joy:

Well if you want to ‘misbehave’ there are always options. As a matter of fact, I’d argue that setting up two systems where one set of hardware/software is ‘official’ and the other not is probably beneficial… if you want to ‘misbehave’.

I’d say it’s a bit unfortunate that people who complain over the lack of privacy often aren’t particularly productive or consistent in their complaints.

Either way there’s no way to stop this for mainstream devices and services. We have younger generations who can’t wait to share their entire lives on social media and the easier it is to do that the better. They drive the consumer market and demand so it is what it is. Good luck trying to convince them of anything different.

I just dont want to be abused… like they dont want to be abused;)

Edit: turns out this is some sort of gatekeeper and has been active since mountain lion… rumour has it that apple will allow you to opt out in the future… - was some sort of anti malware thing or so (say sources)

Another source has released a patch for the unencrypted info sent thingy here: (you can patch it yourself before apple does for those who care about that!

Patch :point_right: echo “” | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

Undo patch :point_right: sudo sed -i “” “/” /etc/hosts