Big Sur - yes or no?

I’ve been running Catalina on my MacBook Pro 2017 2.7 I7 quadcore. Thinking about Big Sur - I always try to stay one OS version behind. Anybody have thoughts on whether I should/can update? How is Nuendo 11.0.41 running on it? What about my Steinberg instruments and plugins?

Thanks for your help, I appreciate anybody taking the time to respond.

I am this:

Macbook Pro 2019 2.3GHz 8 core Intel i9, 16GB RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 630 1,536 MB
Mac OSX 11.6.1 (latest Big Sur version, with any and all updates to it as of today)

Running Dante audio: Dante Virtual; Soundcard version, Dante Controller version and Focusrite RedNet 2 interface, latest firmware, RedNet Control 2.8.5


Latest versions of plug ins: Waves Mercury +Studio Classics, Abbey Road collection, and a few others, Nomad Factory Integral bundle (most of their plug ins), Arturia V Collection 8.2, GForce instruments (most of those work fine, one is still updating), some Softube plugins, some other brands as well, all seem to work, as long as they are 64 bit plug ins.

All the Steinberg instruments I have, which come with Nuendo, have been fine here. I don’t use them much but have been exploring their sounds and they have not crashed.

I’d go ahead and move onto Big Sur. Just make a backup before you do so, time Machine or whatever you use is fine.

Check with your particular plug in manufacturers to see if they are ok in Big Sur. There seem to be a few smaller companies who are still struggling to get there, but most are already compatible.


PS we are moving out that way by this coming Summer, we should meet up!

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@Ted_Perlman2 no complains here with Nuendo. Cubase and Wavelab


Definitely! Thanks for mentioning the Arturia plugins, which are some of my favorites. I love their FX’s even more than my UAD versions.



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Thanks for responding!

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Installed Big Sur. No problems, everything working fine across the board. UAD, Arturia, PSP, Waves, Rob Papen, Native Instruments, etc.