Big thanks to Steinberg Team

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Steinberg team for the excellent products that have been produced. I am very happy both professionally (Nuendo and Wavelab working perfectly here every day) and for my creative side (Cubase 8 after a recent big step up from V6).

I want to keep this thread positive and express my thanks for excellent tools that help me earn a living and have fun in spare time as well. In a nutshell my life is happier because of your products, cheers !

I echo this sentiment. Cheers :sunglasses:

The Wit and Wisdom of the experienced users that contribute to this forum is much appreciated also! My little music world got a whole bunch bigger the day I installed Cubase. Now I can stay involved musically with my son in another city using Transit. Hard to put a price on that. If the pro’s can use Cubase to fuel the airwaves plus newbies like me can use it to fill a personal void that’s an amazing thing.

I’ve only just started testing Elements 8 and it seems nice so far.

Cheers! :slight_smile: