Big workflow regression with last update - insulting not to have immediate fix

As a paying customer, as I’m sure the overwhelming majority here on this forum are, I find it disappointing that you can have such a big regression in workflow from one update to another and not own up to it with an immediate fix (while parking other issues which were not a regression from the previous to current version).

The regression referred to is when executing commands that are supposed to highlight the text or number input boxes for entry with the keyboard.

  • Enter locator range duration
  • Enter project cursor position
  • Enter right locator
  • Enter left locator
  • Save preferences
  • Add cycle marker
  • etc.

Plus, the keyboard controls are not acknowledged on save dialog boxes.

So basically, this means in all instances above and similar ones I have not mentioned, mouse movement is required.

This slows up workflow unnecessarily, given previous Cubase versions did not introduce such behaviour.

Can Steinberg please release an immediate interim fix for the above.



This is a known and already reported issue, which is going to be fixed in the next maintenance update.


It’s been 84 years …

Don’t take it personally, Steinberg Media Technologies is not insulting you. :wink:

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You buy a car. Later the car company offers you an upgrade model at a certain price with the promise of improving your experience.
Your new model arrives, but instead of electric car windows they are manual. The interior looks slightly nicer though.

What do you do?

What… Do you do?

Did they insult you??

No insults, let’s say.
Just a regression of your comfortability and convenience in your daily driver.

I know what I’d be saying. “Screw driving around all day, I’d rather sit inside a studio and fire up Cubase Pro 13”.


Cubase 13.0.30 has been released. Please, update.