Billing and VAT question

I’m considering my purchase of Dorico, and as a freelancer in Spain I would like to use my VAT number.
I would like to know if the VAT applied is the Spanish one, provided my billing address is Spanish, and if my VAT number appears on the invoice.
I would also like to know if I have to be signed up in the European VAT Registry (sorry, I don’t know the English name for it)


I’m afraid I’m not an expert on VAT, so please contact AskNet support for the answer to these questions. I believe you will be charged VAT at the rate of the country in which you made the purchase, which would be 19% for Germany, but I could be wrong about this.

Daniel is right. Within the EU, you are usually paying the tax rate of the country from which the goods are exported.

That is correct if you are buying as a private person. But if you buy through your own business, registered for VAT, there should actually be no VAT on the purchase. Then it is reported to the tax office etc. Unfortunately I do not know all the terms to explain this in english…