Bind a MIDI CC to Tempo Recording Slider

Since MIDI remote functionality is being re-worked in Cubase, perhaps now is a good time to bring this feature request back from the grave?

It would be great to be able to have more options to record tempo changes other than the GUI slider.
Being able to bind the tempo slider to a MIDI CC and specify a tempo range¹ would be a great start!

¹As in, CC 0-127 = 90-105 BPM for example.

No takers?

I agree +1 (endlessly)

Completely agree. Make it assignable to MIDI CC . Then after Data Entry one could easily “conduct” ritards and accelerandos with ease instead of having to predict where the tempo is going to go.

The problem with this request is that the Tempo Slider as it is currently implemented is totally useless since it doesn’t change the Tempo in realtime - you have to replay to hear any changes. So you end up with a knob that controls nothing useful. Also it seems like you can already control it externally.

The real thing is to fix how the slider actually functions.