Binding an A3 Dorico Orchestral Score - Printing in London?


I am about to fly to London to conduct a world premier of an Orchestral & Choral Trilogy I wrote and I have just finished putting the final touches on my Dorico scores ready for rehearsals this week.

A quick question, can anyone advise places in London that can bind and print A3 scores?

I (and many others) have run into issues with printing houses and A3 documents where they do not have the correct wiring length for the binding that will complement an A3 music score.

And it’s worth mentioning, that as much as I am excited to premier these pieces with this orchestra, I am equally delighted that this will be the FIRST performance utilizing the Dorico software program for the players and myself - AND I have already received EXCELLENT feedback from the musicians about how BEAUTIFUL the parts looks!

So, if anyone based in London could shed a little light from the A3 binding and printing perspective, I would be most appreciated!

Special thanks again,


I can’t advise on any particular print shops in London, but since the the standard paper sizes in the UK are A3 and A4 (not inch-based measurements like 8.5x11 or 11x17) you shouldn’t have any problems getting A3 printed and bound properly.

You can buy an A3 comb binder “off the shelf” from any decent office supplies chain in the UK, so a print shop should certainly be able to handle that. You might have to shop around if you want anything bigger that A3 though.

Thank you… I hope I have better luck this next visit…The printing is not a problem, it is the BINDING that is the real issue, as it needs to be on the left side. I will continue to investigate!

Amanda, I think it would be a good idea to contact one of the local music services that does work with the film/TV/musical theatre professions here in the UK. Jill Streater and Dave Hage would be the first two people who spring to mind – if you’re not sure how to get in touch with them, please drop me a line and I can send you their contact details.

That would be terrific! Yes, this is exactly the professionals I would like to be in contact with…I will indeed drop you a line as I would like to be connected to this organization for future for also.

Many thanks Daniel!