binding PLE to hot keys


i’m trying to set up a key combination to disarm all active record states on all tracks, wherever they might be, and also a similar thing for active ‘monitor’ states. i successfully created a PLE to disarm all active record states, and named it ‘GlobalRecordOff’. i then did the same thing to turn off all active monitor states, naming it ‘GlobalMonitorOff’. i went into the hotkey mapper and was able to find GlobalRecordOff in the list under ‘process project logical editor’ and bound it to a key combo, but GlobalMonitorOff was nowhere in the list. so i went back into the PLE, deleted GlobalMonitorOff, and remade it from scratch, then i then went back into the key mapper again. not only did GlobalMonitorOff still not appear, but the binding i’d just created for GlobalRecordOff was now gone… :imp: is this what’s supposed to happen ?



This is an known issue. The very 1st PLE doesn’t appear in the KeyCommand list.

i see. well, that’s troublesome.
thanks for the info though. :slight_smile: