BIOS Flash solving issues

I just thought that I would post something that worked for me.

I recently built a new PC. ASRock Z97 Extreme4 MOBO -i7 4790K with SSD OS drive and 3 HDD’s. 16GB ram.

After the new installs of software, video card and USB controller, I still had the same problems I had with my (5 year) old PC and a few more.

ASIO spikes, BSOD’s, Cubase crash at close, etc…

After countless hours of trying to understand why I was getting these issues I ran LatenctMon.

I was first skeptical about the advice to ‘update BIOS’ as I had taken it to a local shop that said they already updated the BIOS, but just went ahead and did it myself.

After BIOS flash all works perfectly now. No dropouts, no ASIO spikes, no nothing…

Seamless for a week now even with internet connected. Project with 94 audio tracks, 6 SS Trigger, 37 group and FX tracks, and countless plugins. 96 sample buffer size with 5.3 ms in/6.3 ms out latency with no real- time peaks using my UR824’s.

Melodyne (5 tracks) needs to be bypassed in order to record at this buffer size without ASIO peaks, but I can deal with that. ASIO Guard off.

Hope any of this is helpful.

its very possible the updated Bios in your case was responsible. Its also possible that the restoring defaults inherent in a flashing was the cure…

just sayin

It seems it was. I would think it odd that restoration of defaults on a 4 day old MOBO would be the case.

I am just guessing that the original installed BIOS that came with the new board was just not right.

I am just throwing this out here in case it helps others.

There are so many posts about this, that I do not know where to comment. In my case, faced with the same problems, I decided to uninstall all of Cubase and start with a clean C8. Since I decided to used CC Cleaner FREE to uninstall, I noticed there was also a “repair” option.
With nothing to lose (since I was planning to uninstall) I chose it. I took a couple of minutes doing “something”, and suddenly mi Cubase 8.0.10 started working with no glitches at all!
When some problem reappeared a few days later, I did this “repair” again and since then (fingers crossed!!) all is working well again.
There is obviously something complicated going on, but I think it is not so much a Cubase failing, but, rather, a problem of interaction between so many different OS settings, plugins, etc. Hopefully, it will get worked out for everybody soon.

Ram timing is often not recognized correct by the BIOS, it doesn’t help that a lot of Ram are intensionally mislabeled on the metal casing. Normally that does not lead to any problems, but for realtime audio it absolutely can. A BIOS update is absolutely recommended if there are problems. If things are running smoothly, do not update the BIOS, it can easily introduce new problems. And there is always a risk updating the BIOS, although most motherboards now come with a dual Flash EPROM, that keeps the older BIOS version intact.