Birthday Party for One

Wrote this last year but re recorded it this week. Seems relevant during this lockdown.

This is the best track I’ve heard for quite a while. Humourous, nicely played/sung/solo. Nice job.

Vaduz! Really love the crunchy sound of the lead guitar. So it must be a Strat (given your handle). Must be on the neck pickup. And it must be a small amp, like a Hot Rod Deluxe, but it could be a lot of amps. Great sound! No noise on the guitar track. Are you using software to post process (that’s what I’ve been doing lately)? And no pedals, I guess. Lovely tune. Thanks for posting! Loved it.

Hey, thanks for listening. The guitar I played on this is a Strat with 2 Gold Foil pick ups. I have it strung with Flat wound 12’s and the guitar is tuned down to C. I went direct into a Fender '57 Custom Tweed Deluxe cranked. I probably had a bit of reverb from a Strymon Flint.