Have I been blind or did we just get birthdays on this board?

Aloha S,

Been there for a lil while now.

I’m sure it’s just me and I happen miss seeing them
but I have yet to see a birthday posting of a user in their 30’s or younger. :slight_smile:

I just saw one :wink:

Ah! There is hope for the future! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ok, I guess I have been blind then. Not good for someone not yet in their 30’s :wink:

That is not exactly an “issue” :wink:

Is the Birthday Notification System working properly?

After all, today is RokGeetar’s birthday, and Neil isn’t listed???


Nope, sorry Ed :wink:.
@Swamptone: You have to enter your date of birth in your user control panel, I don’t think Steinberg goes looking for our data. (I would hope they don’t).

The problem is … they only provide one field for entering date of birth … whereas every day is RokGeetar’s birthday*! :wink:

*inside joke … paging Neil … please pick up the Birthday Courtesy Phone in the lobby …

Only the NSA should do that! :laughing:


Good one!

I am currently blind as I know not where the birthday notification is.

Board index, but there’s no birthday today :wink:

Most of us would rather forget the ever incrementing number… unless you’re under 45 or something, then your ego is still wrinkle-free. That said, mark May 26th on your calendars folks… :smiling_imp:

Is that when Winter ends for us Canadians ? :laughing:

Birthdays, I have’nt had one of those for 20 years.
Or, as the late great george Burns said, “you know you’re getting old when you’re tying your shoelaces you think, now what else can I do while I’m down here” :slight_smile: .