Bit analyzer

I have a difficulty with the bit meter on Wavelab 7, I think.

If I open the file in WL6 it shows up as 24bit 88.2, as it should and as all other properties readers tell me it should.

If I open and play it in WL 7 (same machine) it shows 24bits for a few seconds on the outside edge and 16 bit on the inside edge, and then drops to 16 bit all around. Wha?

I’ve tried both ASIO and WDM driver, same activity.

other files, same.

anyone else had this happen and discovered the “dooh” ?

just realized, I am on the original release of 7, will load 7.01 and try it.

OK, no change between 7.0 and 7.01, drat

system: Win7 32bit on i5 760 processor, ASUS P7P55D MB, 4GB mem,
Lynx Two, Lynx AES


Unfortunately, WL7 documentation is still painfully lacking, but here’s a quote from the WL6 manual about the bit meter: “When to use the Bit Meter: To see the “actual” resolution of an audio file. For example, even though a file is in 24 bit format, only 16 bits may be used.” See the WL6 pdf manual, page 170 and on.

What you describe could be a 16-bit original file that only had fades adjusted and then saved as 24-bit. The ‘inner’ material, so to speak, was never touched. Just a suggestion…

Luck, Arjan

true, but that is the TOP of the scale they are referring to, I am talking about the BOTTOM bits below 16 disappearing, sorry if I didn’t make that clear.


missed the bottom of your response, I really don’t like this “new forum”

No, I have tried a number of files, some I know quite well and that are for sure 24 bit all the way through.
that is one of the things I thought of first,as the files I was looking at had come from someone not very skilled in computer audio.

using WL since 4 and digital audio since 1987

Well, whichever part of the scale it is; the bit meter indicates the true intricate bit depth of the audio at hand. Bottom line: however an audio file is saved only says something about the maximum bit resolution it may contain.

EDIT: Now our messages crossed… Sorry, I have no clue if you’re certain the file really is 24-bit.

Luck, Arjan

and the observation that it is several seconds from wherever I start the playback. kinda puts the nail in the coffin


Hello waltzingbear,
Are you playing your files through some plug-ins? Because the resolution in the lower part of the Bit meter changes because of that, if you then apply dither after a plug (or turn it off) the resolution becomes “fuller”.
Arjan is right as far as the “apparent” resolution of a file is concerned (24bit might be 16bit).

almost, but not quite
hidden in the master section was dither turned on
and as that section was collapsed…
yes, that would be my “dooh” error.
hence the several seconds lag of showing the dither metering properly.


If you see more bits than “normal” at playback startup, this is because of the small fade-in that is performed on the audio. This is very short, but with the meter history, this remains visible for 1 or 2 seconds.

If you disable this option in the Audio Streaming preferences, you won’t see this effect.