Bit and Sample rate

Hi, ive just started using Cubase Artist 6 (64bit) on windows 7, can anyone tell me what bit and sample rate to set on microphone and speakers in audio devises?

24 bit 44.1KHz is popular

Cheers is that on mic and speakers output?

I don’t quite understand. It’s what you would set your sound card to and Cubase project to.

Would probably help to post the gear youre using…

ok cheers, i’m using Cubase artist 6 on widows 7 thats all I know, not sure about sound card etc

Sounds like you are using the internal soundcard. Laptop?

Anyway set the project in project setup to 44.1KHz and if your internal card allows 24 bit otherwise 16bit. you will need to learn this stuff. Assuming you intend to record audio and not just use samples and Vstis?


Dang Split was faster i repeat once more ^^
That sounds like you need to get known to your system :wink: Perhaps you get the glue if you go through the link in my signature.
It mainly depends on what soundcard you use what samplerates and bitdeph you can choose.
Sounds to me that you use your onboard soundcard. And as split wrote 24bit and 44.1 Khz is most used settings.
And if you use only your onboardsoundcard you sooner or later will come to the point that you need a better soundinterface. Pops and Clicks Crackle and Dropout won’t wait long to show up with only an onboard soundcard.

Greetz Bassbase

Yeah its a lap top about 2 years old it let me install it in 64bit (if thats any relevents) but i’ll try that, cheers!!

Cheers to all above thats set me off in the right direction :wink: