Bit Bridge & J Bridge ! Whats the latest Consensus?

Whats the latest in getting 32 bits plugs/vsts bit bridged into C6 64, …most/all but …/ only these…scenario…

Time to go fully 64bit if all of my plugs will bit bridge. :question:

whats the consensus now using Jbridge - Bit Bridge…Everything ok?,

Is it Time for fully 64 Bit throughout??


It does seem that most 32bit plugins are well bridged by Steinberg’s own VSTBridge now. There are a few exceptions (such as Waves, possibly because of the way they use the Waveshell as a proxy to all the plugins) but I don’t know of any plugs that now don’t work with jBridge, and it’s fine to mix jBridged plugins with the VSTBridge.

So I’d say, yes, definitely, go for it now before it’s too late! :open_mouth:

We’ll have less of the scary spookies :smiley: too late for what?..anyway In my inept opinion, 32 bit Windows 7 RC7100, was more stable for audio, than windows 7 Ultimate 64BIT.

Same hardware,same drivers == different “response”. :question: never had one glitch with cubase 5 in a year with the RC.??

Im not happy with the install. maybe time for only 64BIT!..or I might regret it, before its too late. :smiley: