Bit confused about the improvements.

Firstly I’ve got to say that I*m mostly quite happy with the new Cubase 7. The mixer is really good improvement, the asio guard is great, I like the new metering in control room, loads of new stuff that I like.

But there are things that are unclear that I think should have been explained more specificly for example in the manual.

  • So whats new about the variaudio 2.0 apart from that it cant work together with chorder track and show multiple tracks? Is it new algo? Very unclear what new there is actually. Or does the 2.0 just mean that it works with the chorder track?

  • Hermode tuning. Very unclear to me if it works with all synths (how about samplers?), or just steinberg own.

  • Does chorder actually know any other way of finding chords than commong notes or cadence?

  • Can chorder choose chords just based on the scale you want to work on, rather than showing all the possobilities?

  • The loudness metering is not very well explained in the manual.

So, I like the improvements and I definetly think that it was worth the upgrade, I just wish that Steinberg wouldn’t be so vague about these new things, and would explain them more thoroughly.

Did you look at all the videos provided for you showing you all this…???

You can edit multiple VariAudio at the same time and choose which to edit and color coordinate them and you can actually move them AROUND AND CUBASE WILL TELL YOU IF THE MOVE IS RIGHT FOR THE HARMONY YOU WANT.
dARN CAP Lock… NOT RE TYPING lol… The Chord track will tell VariAudio how to harmonize vocals too :sunglasses:

Getting Started:
Advance MixConsole:
More to come…

HMT very complex tuning lingo for many but not for some… A great tool if you know how to use it. That’s also explained in the videos.

CHord track can assist you finding complex chord progressions if one does not know how or hits a writers block…

Loudness Metering: Watch and learn…

So clearly you miss the whole point of the Steinberg hub and the Steinberg YT channel with a bunch of video tutorials already circulating showing everything you have complained about :slight_smile:

Yes, I did look the videos and also checked the manual.

Reason for asking about Hermode tuning is that I found out that it did work with Retroloque, but only when using sawtooth. Then with other 3rd party synths I didn’t do anything. Anything that I heard, or when looking through spectrum analyzer I didn’t see any difference if it’s on or not.

Chorder: Yes I know that it can come up chords based on either cadence or finding common tones. My question was; does it know any other voice leading rules? And also can it create progressions based on the chosen scale? Because currently it looks that it only based on those two ways of finding chords, and to be honest that’s bit limited.

Variaudio: As I mentioned, I know that variaudio 2.0 works together with the chorder track. And also know that it can edit multiple monophonic tracks together. My question was is there anything new in the Variaudio, because it’s called Variaudio 2.0. Being able to snap to something based midi information is not that impressive. So I assume that Steinberg has either written new algo for the Variaudio or something since they call it 2.0, and therefore would like to know what’s the difference to the older variaudio.

Yes the loudness meter gets mentioned in the videos, but my point was that it’s not very clearly defined what’s the difference between regular RMS/PEAK metering compered to the loudness. Well apart that it has some other functionalities (like dynamic range which is self explaining).

All your questions are self explanatory…

Can the old VariAudio follow a chord track? Can it display multiples? can it tell you that the voice you are moving is within range of the harmony? Those alone can be consider a 2.0 since the old one can’t do those things… RIGHT? That was just scratching it…

So extracting chord progressions from your project, chord assist, real time chord recording from chord track by just using your computer keyboard, etc, etc, etc,features is not good enough for you…? hmmm! Did you have any of this on 6.5? You can tell the VST bass track to follow the root and to a guitar VST track to play as a guitarist would pluck the strings. and much more…

The new meter is an extreme handy tool for professionals that know how to use it and saves thousands of dollars in precision metering… What you are asking for, people pay $$$ at audio schools to learn. Should Steinberg teach free audio engineering too? Keep it at the regular meter looking cool and later down the road you may read about K-14, EBU, peaks, RMS and so on … So when you hit a job and they demand to comply to broadcast regulations, its there… :wink: Just takes some time to school about it…

Sorry that these new features don’t live up to your high standards…

More videos to come just so you know… they will pop up on your Steinberg Hub… free of charge… hard labor to others.

Happy Holidays but what I really want to say is Merry Christmas and enjoy the new C7

Take care…

Could you please explain how to do this, I have only managed to create chords 3 or 4 notes and determine what chord is made from existing notes selected.

Also, is it possible to determine a chord just by hitting a few keys on a MIDI keyboard?


Have your chords laid -Then when you tell it to make harmonies, check on “open editor” - then set the colors to “Chord”… so when you move a voice, it gives you 3 colors - red - green and blue - red is bad… :wink: blue is within range and green is good choice…

If you edit the chords with your keyboard, it will reflect on the voicing but I don’t think it was made for real time vocoding like the voice machine we used to have back then… I wish we get that plug-in back soon…

We shall have those videos soon enough :slight_smile:

DARN IT! PACQUIAO LOST aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggh! :frowning:

The new variaudio algorithm has been extended in the highs and the lows : try basse or whistling detection with the “old” algorithm (cubase 6) : don’t work. Try now : works.

Nice :sunglasses:

Looking forward to watching those videos!

Thanks…I’m trying to learn more about Chord Track too as I’m debating upgrading sooner than later. Was fumbling with some chords on guitar last nite and was wondering if C7 would be a great motivator & help me devise more interesting changes.

So I’m assuming chord track works with audio too then, not just MIDI info?

Pacquiao lost!!! I need to go look that up…totally out of the loop!! :imp: