Bit confused.. Halion 7 'collection'?

I just started to watch a video on Halion 7… The guy speaks of FMLAB and Tale available with the Halion COLLECTION.
I don’t see this in the store…
If I go to Halion 7 product page and hit BUY NOW… do i get the FMLAB etc plugins ?

Check out

He probably meant the HALion Sonic 7 Collection, i.e. The HALion 7 library added to the free HALion Sonic 7. It’s a separate purchase from HALion 7 at Euro 249 full version

@steve has already posted the link to the version comparison.

Before the HALion 7 release, there were three tiers of HALion:

  • HALion, which had all the design features and all the content
  • HALion Sonic, which had all the content but not the sound design features
  • HALion Sonic SE, which was a free player for free content and any separately licenced content (including that bundled with Cubase, Nuendo and Dorico)

There still are three tiers under HALion 7, but there are only two VST instruments - HALion and HALion Sonic. HALion Sonic 7 is free. A licence to use all the HALion content in HALion Sonic for those who don’t own HALion is available as HALion Sonic Collection - this is the replacement for HALion Sonic 3.

Whilst the change of naming is somewhat confusing, this change of approach solves a frustration with multi-instrument players. If you used HALion Sonic SE in your project for compatibility with those who did not have a HALion or HALion Sonic licence, you could not use any of the HALion/HALion Sonic content in HALion Sonic SE - it didn’t even show up. In version 7, you can use all your licenced content in the free HALion Sonic.

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BINGO ! Thanks

Sorry to bump this, but with this internetic turbulence, I can’t get the “Compare” page to load. Does anyone have the included instruments list at hand?

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Hi, if you buy Halion 7, you get both fmlab and tales included with halion 7 for free ofcourse.
The short answer, yes you get both fmlab and tales.

I recently bought halion 7, and are enjoying fmlab.

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Update: Since yesterday afternoon, things started working for me so I started a H7 trial to find out first hand.

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