Bit of a disaster with Cubase Artist 6 64bit

I’d been using Cubase Artist 6 32 bit on Windows 7 for a few months with no problems whatsoever apart from the fact that my PC was getting on a bit and struggled to cope with the workload, so last week I upgraded my PC, did a clean install of the OS (Windows 7 64 bit) and installed Cubase 64 bit. Ever since I’ve had a nightmare trying to get Cubase to work. I’m hoping that someone on here can help me out because as it stands, it’s completely unusable.

Problem #1
It refused to close.
Whether I clicked the red cross or closed via File > Quit, it just hung there. Task Manager couldn’t kill it, nor could any 3rd party process killers that I downloaded (I tried about five). I couldn’t even kill it by shutting the PC down as it caused the OS to hang, so the only option I was left with was to switch the PC off at the mains and then re-boot.

Problem #2
It started hanging whilst loading project files.
Once I’d selected a project file to load, it’d start loading the various channels, effects etc and then just hang. It seemed to get stuck on different channels depending on the file (for some it was just a particular instrument track, for others it always stuck whilst loading RoomworksSE) but always the same one for that file. Once stuck I was left in the same situation as above, where I was forced to switch the PC off at the mains.

Problem #3
Now it won’t even get as far as the Open Project window.
The above is all written in the past tense because now when I try to load Cubase, the Cubase graphic appears and it starts running through the various components that are being loaded in the bottom left corner, then every time it gets stuck at “Initializing: Retrospective record”. As per the other two scenarios, I’m then forced to switch the PC off at the mains.

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing everything and was then able to open a project, but as soon as I tried to close it I encountered problem 1 again. After switching off at the mains and re-starting, I encountered problem 2. After switching off at the mains and re-starting again I encountered problem 3, and so it continues.

Can anyone help with any of the above? This has only been going on for about a week and it’s already starting to drive me mad. There’s nothing in the error log either so I’ve not really got anything to go on. :imp:

That doesn’t sound good :frowning:
Have you tried installing the 6.05 update?

Good point- I forgot to mention that I’m still on version 6.0 but am planning on installing the 6.05 update tonight, although having read through the version history I’m not holding out much hope as there doesn’t seem to be anything in there that’s relevant to the issues I’ve seen.

Best thing is to update it, then try it, if the problems persist, trash the prefs then try it again.

Then if that fails, what I normally do is remove the c:…\vstplugins folder, and put it somewhere else. Then add back the plug-ins one by one until it fails to load, then you can pretty much bet it’s that plug-in causing the problem.

If it still wont load without the plug-ins, i’d reinstall Cubase completely.

I’ve already done a complete uninstall and re-install but I’ll try what you suggested Re: trashing preferences and ruling out plugins, just in case something is getting corrupted.

It’s taken ages but I’ve finally narrowed the problem down to preferences, the Steinberg CI2+ interface drivers, or a combination of the two:

-If I trash preferences every time I try to load Cubase, it works fine whether or not I have the CI2+ connected and set as the default audio driver

-If I disconnect the CI2+ before I try to load Cubase, it works fine regardless of whether or not I trash preferences

Windows 7 said that the drivers for the interface were installed correctly but I tried uninstalling and re-installing anyway (using the latest version downloaded from Steinberg). This made no difference.

Does anyone have any ideas? Worst case I could trash preferences before every load, but it’s annoying and time consuming and I’d rather get it sorted than keep doing that.