Bit rate issue

I tried recording a cassette tape to Cabase, using the CI2+. I did a quick test recording and ran a “statistics” check, both channels were 24 bit. So I recorded the whole tape, but then when finished one channel was 24b, and the other 32b.

So I open the hood and look inside, wiggle some stuff, unplug and plugin some stuff, checked the oil, did another test recording. This time both channels are 32b. Hmmmm ok. Checked everything again, can’t find anything wrong, so I record the whole tape again. Same thing, left channel is 24b right channel is 32b.

How can that even happen?

I ended up using Wavelab to record, and both channels came out 24 bit, so it must be a Cubase problem? There isn’t even a setting for changing the bit rate separately for L and R of a stereo file is there?

The Statistics bit depth is a guess based on the smallest level difference between two samples!

So I wouldn’t worry about it, probably showing a difference in level between the left and right components of the cassette recording? Did you have to re-balance the recording?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes one channel, the left if I remember, was at a lower level on the tape. I adjusted the input levels on the CI2 to match as close as possible though.

Is Cubase more sensitive to that than Wavelab?

Different ways of working out the bit depth, think of it as apparent bit depth.
Doesn’t make any difference to the recorded files bit depth.

OK, thanks mate.