bit underwhelmed by the demo!!

I was expecting stuff like easily draw/select an example(eg a C# that is ia bit too loud and has sharp overtones) and reduce every third harmonic and higher by 2 dB’s in the verse…

Or grab just the guitar riff in this part and extract to its own layer. Not easy in Cubase/ARA.

The magic wand tool doesn’t do much magic, as opposed to the PS tool that I use often for retouching photo’s.

Plus, it’s slow(analyzing a 16 bar bass part) takes minutes. It doesn’t seem to use any serious CPU power of which I have plenty. And it crashes. And it can’t be used in 64-bit mode.

As for more artistic purposes(sound design), it’s hard to dial in to the ‘right’ stuff for transforming.

The manual is quite brief. Examples are trivial.

There’s a lot of potential in this(FFT based stuff with pattern recognition) but right now I am looking at Izotope for the next step.


when you it doesn’t work in 64 bit mode, you mean the audio engine, or the project (64 floating point). because the first is known bug, in an older version of cubase.

i acquired spectralayers pro 6 quite recently, so i can’t answer all questions on a level that you want.

but it seems you want a kind of AI. it is a chirurgical tool, it recquieres when want to select something, also setting of the resolution (the FFT resolution), for example.

i don’t know if rx7 advanced (or standard can do it all), can do this stuff.

me thinks, you can do it in spectralayers, but it recquires practice. i agree the manual is brief, most examples are poor. although some are great, on youtube.

which version did you demo? elements or pro?

for sounddesign i use it the most, it works quite well. even with my very strange samples. to seperate instruments, or what you say in the first sentence, it can be done. look at the thread, with the youtube video’s.

there is room for improvement, more feedback. but the possibilties that the pro version gives, are already great.

slow? i didn’t notice that. 16 bars takes minutes? i have tested a “stem”, more than minute long, processing took seconds. within cubase pro 10.5.12.

but maybe spectralayers isn’t your thing. rx7 isn’t my thing, for example. it comes to personal wishes.