Bitmap bug or undocumented limitation

I’ve hit some sort of undocumented limitation or bug within Halion 6. If I import a large bitmap (.PNG file) or create a multi-frame bitmap in Halion 6 that is too large (I do not know if it’s a dimension limitation or file size limitation as there is no documented limitation for bitmaps) it renders a blank image in Halion 6. This happens every time on Windows 10 64 bit. I thought it was a GUI issue but since the recent update didn’t fix the issue I’ve troubleshot it down to what I believe to be a size issue. I was unable to upload my test file here due to it being bigger than what can be uploaded so I have supplied a link here to my test file. I’ve also attached a screenshot to what happens when I add the file to the resources. In the picture you can see a blank picture has loaded within Halion even though the file does indeed have an image.

  1. Download my test file (!AnhYfvhn4oMArtNN4flloVpfiUaGlw )
  2. Launch H6 (Hexagon preset loads)
  3. Click “Anima” in program tree
  4. Click “Create” tab to bring up macro designer
  5. Click “Resources” tab in macro designer section
  6. Drag my test file into resource tree
  7. Click the test file in resource tree
    At that point nothing shows up.
    Screenshot (180).png

Yes, you are right.
There is a limitation of the image size at 8192x8192 pixels on Windows 10.
What is your intention for such a large animation?

I’m creating a knob which requires multiple bitmaps framed together. Halion is creating the bitmap strip which then exceeds that size limitation. Halion is creating the bitmap but then it’s not able to render it. I could create a smaller knob and stretch it to a bigger size but that would give me a more pixelated look compared to using it’s natural resolution.

Here’s the product I’m currently creating within Halion 6. The center knob in this picture is what I’m trying to create. It exceeds the bitmap limitation when all of the frames for it are added into a single file.