Bits, Floating Point and VSTi's

Hi all,
something bugs me for very long time…i understand the whole concept of dithering e tc,
i am not completely new to this so you dont have to waste your time explaining basics and
details but one thing about DAWs and particularlly Cubase…i am on 6.5 now on 2 systems,
x86 and x64, both on W7 Pro. What i dont understand is this:
32 Bit Floating Point while using VSTis…i know all about Hardware Recording and all that
but in Project Setup, does it matter what you setup when using VST only?
16/24/32 Bit when using ONLY VSTis without any external hardware being recorded, does it matter?
Is there a certain way of doing it? is this thing then totally ignored since everything is
internal Floating?


No it’s not totally ignored, the bit depth in the project setup seems to set the bit depth for operations that write to disk (except when over ridden by the Export Options), such as bounce audio. so better to not set it to anything lower than 24bit.

In fact probably best to use 32FP as it’s there, whether you’ll notice any difference or not is debatable (Jarno :stuck_out_tongue: )

For pure playback I would not expect it to make any difference at all.