Bitwig 2 GUI truncated

In Bitwig 2 the full Halion 6 GUI does not show (VST3) - you get a cut down window with bits cut off

Hi Musing,
on PC it looks as expected but on Mac you are right, there seems to be a problem with the initialized size.

Workaround: Drag down the the divider (marked red in the screenshot below) to get access to the “Load Screen Set” button ( red arrow). Reload the “–Default–” preset and it should be initialized correctly.

Advice: Or select “Minimized + Editors” and then it’s possible to resize the HALion window, because the init plugin size is fixed.

Is there a bugfix for this yet?

The workaround mentioned by Gerrit is not adequate as you have to do the same operation everytime you open the plug-in. Over and over again. Besides, the GUI is not the only problem with H6 in Bitwig. Every now and then it will “misinterpret” the envelopes and completely disregard the ADS-settings, reading only the release time. In other words, the combo Bitwig + H6 is not very useful at the moment.

There is currently no fix for either of the issues in the present state of the Bitwig 2.1 update that is being beta tested.

Yeah it needs a fix still