Bizarre alignment


I tried to get three bars together (which should be possible) using the “make into system” feature in Engrave mode.

Dorico only got two bars on a system which is a bit wide.

So i got the three bars together, but the alignment is unusable: It seems only the first quarter of each bar is compressed beyond all sense and the rest stays wide. (See Attachement)

How do I get dorico to make an even alignment?


Within Engrave mode, click the Note Spacing tool on the far left toolbar - it looks like two arrows pointing left and right.

Do any red squares appear on screen? If so, select them (or marquee select them) then hit the delete key on your keyboard.

My guess is that you’re over-capacity as far as Dorico’s concerned - there’ll be a percentage figure at the right side of the page that is over 100%. You can use the Note Spacing tool to help even things out. Instructions here:

You might also check your Engraving Options for lyrics. You might reduce the gaps for space around hyphens, for instance.

I was wondering, like pianoleo, if previous note spacing was messing things up. There are only two reasons Dorico would do this: manual intervention via note spacing or over 100%. If it’s the latter, something has to give, but it is easily fixable. Honestly, the system looks awfully full for that part (especially with the extra clef thrown in there.)

In fact, upon further study, I’m sure that it is compressed due to the lyric spacing that was applied. The good (albeit tedious) news is that you can adjust just the string parts without affecting the lyric spacing above. The vertical “columns” won’t line up precisely, but it will look much better anyway.

Thank you for your fast replies.

I didn’t change anything in the default spacings. The percentage was 105%, changing the hyphen spaces didn’t change anything (still 105%). Changing the general lyric spacing did do the trick: 99% and an even alignment.

Anyway, i would prefer, dorico would align lines over 100% evenly (if not ideally), that would make a manual correction much more easy than having to fiddle around with every single note.


You could also consider putting 2 1/2 bars on two adjacent systems. Since page 86 in your example is a left hand page, both halves of the bar will be visible on pages 86 and 87 when the score is open.