Bizarre discovery, can I exploit it?

My old keyboard died and I had to replace it, so I got this thing called Corsair K100 which has this wheel on the top corner. This wheel comes with multiple different functionalities including Track Jogging, vertical/horizontal scrolling, etc. and it’s also customizable.

What is curious is that I accidentally moved it, whilst using Dorico, when it was in the zoom mode and to my delight I noticed the transport time, and the playback line, gently scrolling forward!!! Unfortunately, when I moved the wheel in the opposite direction it just zoomed the page out. But this made me realise that Dorico has some kind of transport control that allows me to gently scroll. Any ideas what those commands might be? I would love to be able to move the playback line with this lovely wheel…

I can’t provide any answers to your questions, but here’s the user manual if anybody wants to have a look and suggest anything.
Corsair K100 manual.pdf (644.0 KB)

Actually I hadn’t realised that CTRL+NUM Pad +/- moves the play line much slower, so I assigned that to the wheel… Very useful! Now to hope Dorico allows for Transport control through surface controllers in the near future.

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