Bizarre Glitch in 3rd Effect Box

Hello everyone!

I been having a rather strange problem when adding a Halion Sonic SE track to my project in Sequel 3. On the Track Inspector page, the “Insert FX 3” box for the track becomes corrupted. For example, let’s say I have Tremolo assigned to that box. After a while, the Tremolo effect will no longer be present during playback and when I click the box, Sequel crashes. Once this FX box becomes corrupted, Sequel will not allow me to make any edits or save any changes to the project. I even tried adding a brand new Halion Sonic SE track, just moving the recorded piano line into it, and deleting the old corrupted track…but when I try to remove it…Sequel crashes. :cry: Basically, the project is dead and wasted at that point. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?