bizarre mouse problem

Mouse is suddenly disabled in Windows 7. However if you press CTRL+ALT+DEL the mouse will work again for this screen, but once you return to windows the mouse will be disabled again. Windows still recognizes it in device manager, so its a software problem. This has been happening since I upgraded to Cubase 7 and I realize it happens randomly when Im actively using Cubase or have Cubase open. I got a 3m ergonomic mouse, and at first I thought it was the mouse, but I have other USB mouse that are disabled by this. all usb mouses get disabled when this happens and the only resolution is restarting. switching usb ports doenst help :frowning: any ideas?


It happened in the ASUS UEFI Bios so I am chalking it up to a hardware failure of the USB ports on my ASUS P9X79 deluxe. Every USB Port on my system uses a USB extender. do you think using too many extenders could cause damage?

Are they USB 3 ports you are using for the mouse?

Answer: Get a less bizarre mouse. :mrgreen:

USB 2.0 ports. tested it today after removing all but 2 USB devices. Mouse and KB are spontaneously disconnecting briefly, indicated by the windows alert sounds. Although they dont stay disconnected now that I am down to 2 ports, which is interesting.

USB 3 ports lack native support of the OS.

I dont have a full answer, but it’s your bios that initialises your usb hub. I have noticed that after some Win7 updates mine are slow but succesful. Also some usb connections suck power too much, for these you need a powered usb hub.

FASCINATING! This happened during playback and Cubase audio playback remained steady but the video stuttered momentarily…I have 5 LCD displays and 2 video cards…any chance that has something to do with it? lack of power?

Strip down all the non essential connectionss then if the mouse works, build test build. Tedious but eliminates doubt

SOLVED! Problem with Avid Eucontrol 2.6.2