Bizarre nonsensical warning w MPE track(s) in 11.0.10

I have one.
stupid cubase bug|690x431
It’s an absolute show-stopper for any MPE as far as I can determine. I hope I’m proved wrong, but so far it does this, and that’s all she wrote.

Because it’s Channel = Any, the absolute requirement to use MPE, any editing of a note in this track gets me this popup error I can’t click away which stays several seconds, which makes editing completely ridiculous. There is no ramping in any CC lane in the track. There is exactly one event in a CC lane {depicted}, a pitch bend I didn’t need to convert to Note Expression, and it is step . It never wasn’t step. I’m certain there is no other event in a CC lane, the only non-MPE/Note Expression MIDI is CC7 in the project lane. Editing Note Expression from the MPE control is not possible.

EDIT: weirdest experience ever. could not reproduce in a clean new project. issue has vanished

This isn’t relative to what Matthias was inquiring about, Matthias was responding to a very specific protocol change being discussed in that thread regarding meters and +6db vs +12db

Either way, I’d maybe type out the error as text into your actual post and or thread title so people dont have to click the picture, and some may be familiar with the error.

I’m not very experienced with MPE nor note expressions but I know some here are

insert Emily Litella and never mind

I think this context was quite on point. I didn’t even read what it replied to, it’s taken enough time as it is.

This is the single weirdest issue I’ve ever seen. No kidding.
I went to reproduce the issue with a clean project (in order to produce a proper bug report) and expected to see it instantly, per my experience with my current project; where, no matter what I did, having any MIDI track Channel = Any caused this irrational warning popping up. Back up a second (this may provide insight into the weird workings of Cubase): I had opened a slightly older, 11.0.0 project in Cubase 10.5 whose title bar read Cubase 11.0.0 project.
And the warning did not occur, which was expected, as it never did until my first go in the newer project in 11.0.10. I did not save the older one, because now it will no longer be the Cubase 11.0.0 project, hence it will, acc’ding to my experience, also be borked.

Now, I go open current proj. in 11.0.10 and the problem has abated entirely. SO, it is not a bug; who knows what it is. I had deleted preferences a few times messing with this which changed nothing.
So the project file itself was not corrupted to where anything is invalid but something changed, seemingly by magic. Of course I can’t know if that little project exploration did the trick but it is one thing I did differently. What is reality?

If you would like to report a bug, please follow this guide: How to report a bug in Cubase