Bizarre playback start point

I’ve come across a rather odd playback issue. When I select a note, say the piano chord in measure 41, and press “P”, playback begins midway through measure 17. If I select the chord in m. 22, it begins in measure 20. I suspect this has something to do with the open meter in the string parts and/or the independent repeat signs on various staves. Every repeat sign seems to jump back to the beginning. If I remove the repeats on the strings staves, it appears to work fine.

This is not a huge issue, since I don’t really need the playback. But it’s nice to have it work. Any suggestions for solutions? I can just remove the repeats and put them in at the very last minute after the rest of the score is complete. However, I’m hoping there might be some kind of “property” that assigns where a repeat sign jumps to. File is (2.6 MB)

You could try switching off repeats playback on the Repeats page of Playback Options.

That works. It’s nice to hear the repeats, but this is a perfectly acceptable second choice. Thanks.