Bizarre Problems Upon Upgrading to Catalina

Cubase 10.5.20

Upgraded to Catalina.

On all existing sessions, audio is coming in EARLY. So audio that begins at BAR TWO actually comes in noticeably before BAR TWO.

Quit Cubase.

Try in Pro Tools.

Same thing.

Creat new session in Cubase or Pro Tools, all is fine.

I can no longer open sessions from even a week ago without this sync problem.

In addition, I am seeing now that if I double click a file from Finder to open in Cubase, I get a NO LICENSE FOUND error, despite having the most recent eLicense Control Center. But if I open Cubase FIRST, and then use the OPEN command in FILE, the session opens fine.

I really hate Catalina.

Any ideas on any of this?



Could you try to update your Audio Device driver?

Regarding the license, I would try to start eLCC and trigger Maintenance.

I am using the latest version of the UAD software yes.


I don’t know, if this would help, but maybe I would try to restart the CoreAudio on the system level. Something like:

sudo killall coreaudio


I made the dumb mistake of not starting up in SAFE mode when trying to get to the root of this problem.

SAFE mode resulted in normal behavior, so I knew it was a plug in. I had a plug from WAVES on the mix buss, opened WAVES CENTRAL and there it was …“UPDATE AVAILABLE”…once I updated all was good.

Regarding the NO LICENSE FOUND error when double clicking a file in the Finder, it was because I had a demo of Nuendo that had just expired lol

Thanks to all!