Bizarre sound output malfunction help needed

Hello fellow Cubase friends. A former Logic user, I just recently got cubase for my PC windows 7 (64) and I enjoy it very much but I have this consistent problem with sound. for example when I play a track ive composed, the sound only comes out of one speaker on my computer or one speaker on my headphones but then it gets REALLY weird: If I have my headphones only 2/3 of the way plugged into the socket, then I get full sound in both ears. I dont have this audio issue using my computer for anything else (youtube etc) I have checked most settings im aware exist such as computer sound balance etc, So i’m worried its a bug. Any advice or support is appreciated. :mrgreen:

Problem is you’re recording mono sources to stereo tracks. Mono sources go to mono tracks.

Of course you’ll get sound out of both phones when plugged partially in, one contact in the jack is touching two contacts on the plug.

-Thanks for your help… i hope this is the problem and I will go into the tracks and see if I can somehow make the instruments be stereo… so far ive only composed with included software instruments, not hardware instruments externally feeding into my Cubase so it seems strange that would be happening on default.

Ah, would have helped knowing that from the start. Check the Output tab of VST Connections for proper routing. Click the + to see the child buses to make sure they’re assigned to L + R of your device.

I went in and tried that, everything was assigned properly to L + R… that i could see. I tried playing around with it a little but still no dice… the problem remains. Any other avenues I could explore?

Check the panning of all tracks and your hardware, then. Do both sides register on the main out channel in the mixer?

The sounds were registering on both sides indeed. BUT… I found the solution and the reason!!! I went to “Device Setup” under the Devices menu, and discovered that my audio setting in that black box on top there was set to “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver”. I changed it to “ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver” and that immediately solved the problem.

Thank you for your help!!

You should be using the specific ASIO driver for your soundcard.