Bizarre: Tempo events play midi notes?!

I’m encountering a bizarre problem while scoring for film in Cubase 9.5 (9.5.10 and 9.5.20). I was hearing seemingly random notes coming from Omnisphere. I finally realized that these notes corresponded to events in the tempo track. Yes, you read that right, for each event in the tempo track, an extra note plays in an instance of Omnisphere on some other track. I have no idea if this is a Cubase problem or an Omnisphere problem, but it’s DEFINITELY a problem with one of them. Has anyone else seen this? And most important: Is there a workaround? I’m on a deadline and I need to get past this QUICKLY. Thanks!

And you have already checked your MIDI routing?

Yes. The midi input for Omnisphere is set to be my keyboard only. I also can see that Omnisphere does not indicate that it’s receiving midi input when it plays these extra notes. So it’s something about how the tempo events are being communicated and/or about how Omnisphere handles tempo events. Very strange! Normally this would just be an interesting curiosity, but it’s actually keeping me from completing an important project, so it’s not good.

Okay – found the problem. The “chorus echo” effect in omnisphere was responsible. When I turned it off, the spurious notes stopped. Worth noting for all omnisphere users.