Bizarre timing offset problem

All was well a couple of days ago but now, when I start playing a project the cursor starts from 1.1.1 but the music replays from somewhere much later in the track. This is if looping is on. When the end of the loop is reached the cursor returns to the start but the music continues. In other words, the tracks are still intact but out of sync with the display. If looping is off there’s no sound. In addition to this, I noticed that, although the control display reads the bar count in step with the cursor, the bar count in Groove Agent follows the offset music. With looping off, the Groove Agent bar count starts from 2,111,693 in the currently open track (different large amounts in other tracks)!!

In the day or so since it was last working properly I have downloaded and installed a couple of free vst Ample Guitar apps. I did note that on one occasion on opening Cubase it failed with the Ample Guitar x86 version displayed in the progress box - had to go to file manager to exit - but the it loaded correctly next time (as far as I could tell). I’m running at 64bit, so didn’t really need the 32bit version but didn’t think at install.

I’ve run upgrades to the latest Elements 8 and Groove Agent, but no change to the problem. Will I have to do a complete reinstall or is there a way out?

i5 PC 8GB ram Elements 8

Fixed - at last! - changed lots of things, upgraded Win10, etc but probably fixed by uninstalling Groove Agent and reinstalling. Another six hours of creative time used up finding all the licence keys and installation procedures for my plug-ins! Ho-hum, at least it’s all going again for the time being…

I’m having this exact same issue. It’s been driving nuts for several hours already. Does anyone know if this is a setting that I can fix or undo instead of removing and reinstalling Groove Agent ?

I’m running cubase 10 pro on windows.