Black and White printing

I use a leased Ricoh copier as printer. Without realising, it was Dorico which all these months was guilty of the firm charging me for full colour copies although my sheet music is in black and white only.
This is because I have not found a way to change printer colour settings from within Dorico.
In this manner, I have to export and afterwards print my PDF’s.

Unless I’m not seeing some other option, may I assume that this is a shortcoming and if that is the case, you will put this on the features list?

Working on MacOS Catalina latest version.

There is an option to export the PDFs as black and white. This is what I do.

The only time you need color is if you have transparency set on some particular object, since b&w is on/off and cannot encode transparency, while color can.

Check your export dialogue.

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I think if you set your print queue’s default to be mono (in MacOS generally), then that should hold when Dorico prints. Having one print queue for B/W and another for Colour is useful, and easy to check.


I’m posting this in the event that someone other than the OP finds this thread and thinks it useful. This is what I was speaking of.
Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 4.20.38 PM

To the OP: I realize I missed your original point about it printing directly from within Dorico, and reporting to the printer that it was color. In this latter case, perhaps we need a similar mono/color option on the print tab, rather than just the export tab, or perhaps even a global preference that says something to the effect of “prefer B&W print and export unless color or alpha channel overrides are present”.

In the meantime, at least you can export B/W directly from Dorico and don’t have to take your PDF’s elsewhere to do that.

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