Black boxes instead of buttons on DialogBoxes

Hi, I have updated to Nuendo 13 and I several times seen the DialogBoxes with no buttons. Only black boxes are shown. I have to close them by the close cross icon. When I open the DialogBox again there are still the black boxes. I am running Windows 11 23H2 on an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X processor. Any idea where is the problem?


This might be the known issue on some Windows systems, mentioned in the Release Notes.

The 1st maintenance update is going to address this.

I couldn’t find any release notes / known issues list for Nuendo 13 - can you provide a link?


Interesting, for Nuendo, I can see only Nuendo 11 and 12 so far. Here they are.

But there is Cubase 13 Release Notes available.

Is it known when the patch will be ready? Unfortunately, my desktop is affected, and I do not have all the samples on my notebook, and it also has low memory. It is sad that Steinberg released a new version of Nuendo even though they know that it has serious errors. Nuendo should be the most stable product!


The solution to this problem has been found here: Solved black unclickable options in dialog boxes Cubase 13 windows 11. Simply, if you use FancyZone of PowerToys, you should deactivate the option “Move newly created windows to their last known zone” and the buttons are back :smiley: