BLACK FRIDAY - Chances of getting a deal on a DAW?

Hi, I have been researching and saving for a little while, to kit myself out with a nice new DAW PC. Hoping to go with Scan…but anyone reckon I can get a better price on a Black Friday deal. I’m starting to think Scan don’t need to lower themselves!

Looking at 16/32 gig RAM, i7-6700, 256 SSD and 1TB HD. What I want on Scan is around £1200 at the moment.

Anyone in the same boat, or anyone seen anything for a good price?

I did some testing with reason stress test with the 6700k
My old 980x outperformed it.

For your budget u could buy A hp Z800 or even a HP Z820 or Z620
Trust me look up the HP’s u could fit 2 6 cores xeons x5690 3.44 KHz and tons of ram on the Z800 under your budget.
The newer z820 z620 are also to find in youre budget getting u 2x 8 core procs and even more ram.

They are workstations realy wellbuild and solid as a rock just made for DAW.
If u like to build yourself try to get a 1366 EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard and trow 2x 980x or 990x or even xeons x5690 on it, Even the xeon x5675 would do great. Yeah old proccessors but u can overclock them real good.