Black friday. webmoney.Lol

I have a credit card! Is it not enough for you?!! So you don’t want my 160 Euro, you need webmoney. cool! I don’t want your Halion Sonic 2.

If your credit card isn’t working, I would contact the credit card company and find out what the problem is.

I’ve used credit cards to buy Steinberg products several times. If Steinberg isn’t accepting your card its most likely because they can’t get an authorization.

Thanks, but I can’t use my card because the only pay option I see is webmoney. I’ve bought all Cubase versions since 6.5 with my credit card, but now it’s impossible.

Are you using the Steinberg website? I just made a purchase (downloading now) and didn’t see any option for webmoney.

If still having the problem I would contact Steinberg support (from your My Steinberg account).

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Thanks a lot. Sure I did it from I’m not going to investigate it any deeper. I can live without Halion Sonic. Good luck.

Webmoney is more of a russian thing, he’s getting this as a payment option because he lives in Russia or a neighboring country. You would know where he lives if he dropped the impatient entitled customer attitude and actually bothered giving us a little info so someone can try to help him.


To be objective I have to say that today it works ok and I can can see credit card as payment option.
So thanks everybody all’s well that ends well.

@Romantique Tp Thanks, your advices is what I’ve been missing whole my life. :wink:

Good deal, glad you got it!