Black group track name?

The first group (chorki, 61st track) started to appear in black. Why?

Probably that’s because the track is selected in the Project Window. Hard to tell with a grey on grey color scheme what is selected or not, but that’s my best guess. Try Selecting a different Track and see if the black lettering follows.

The selected track is “voc Mario” (74).

Is it not just the shape of the audio?

Yeah, I see now. No idea really. The only difference I see is that the Track height is set much larger than the other tracks - doesn’t seem like that should matter.

raino: that wasn’t the problem. I did resize it to show there’s nothing unusual.

airflamesred: I don’t understand. That’s the group channel.

It might be just a bug. After reloading the project the colors are normal.

Hi @kamilbaranski!
It’s 2020 and I have Cubase 11 Pro but still the same problem.
Did you get it solved?

I had a track name (FX track) in white on grey.
Then I renamed the track name in the mix console in a seperate window.
The track name turned black on grey in the arranger window and is very difficult to read.

The other FX track names are still white even if I rename them in the arranger window

Any ideas?

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