Black Magic MiniMonitor card

I am using Black Magic Mini Monitor cards which are connected via HDMI. I had a couple of ProRes HQ files which showed dropouts, always at the same spots. When I use the SDI outputs there are no dropouts to be generated. When I use a standalone QuickTime player via the HDMI outs, no dropouts. So there must be a relation to Nuendo 6.5.


Hmm. Digital video can be funny like that. I remember not too long ago we were transferring a feed from a mobile rig via SDI to a distributor, the video would always drop out on the receiver side at the same place in the program, even after mixing it down again etc, although it always looked fine in our truck and didn’t look dodgy on the waveform monitor either. In the end, we managed by making a quicktime and bringing it over to the dist, which was thankfully just in the truck parked next to us.
We never did find out what the problem was. Maybe you’re experiencing something similar.
On the other hand, maybe an increased system load is causing it. That would also explain why the qt player plays it back without issue. Have you looked at the system load while the dropouts occur?

Thanks you Heiner for your story about an unsolved issue. And, no overloaded system. So, who’s to blame?


Buggered if I know, mate! But you can, if you want and have no copyright issues reg. the file, send me the file in question, unless it’s too large for that sort of stuff, and I’ll have a look at it on my rig. If the same thing happens here, it IS a Nuendo issue, if it doesn’t, we’ll have to have a closer look at your hardware…

Thanks for your offer, butI am in close contact with BM and they are trying to figure out the problem. I send them a Sample, but it seems to be Nuendo related.