Black on black is black!

Lines panel

With the “dark” theme, is it possible in the lines panel to have the music symbols in white?
On the image you can hardly see the lines I created. It’s not very important but it’s annoying when there are a lot of them.
Thank you for your answers.

Are those lines using imported graphics, by any chance? If so, Dorico can’t currently change their colour when drawing them.

Thank you Daniel for your quick answer.
No, these are lines created with the line editor using the U+F524 and F525 glyphes (which are not fully visible in the line panel).

I can take a closer look if you want to attach the project itself.

Here it is.

crochets chiffrage.dorico (756.7 KB)

Thanks – we should be able to do something about this in a future update.

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Thanks Daniel and if the reordering of the lines was possible it would be great.
Thank you again for your help.

"Line styles that contain font characters in their bodies now appear correctly in the Lines panel
in Write mode when the dark theme is enabled."

Thank you to the whole team.