Black points disappear in tempo lane

Hi, I discovered something in Dorico Pro in Windows 10 Pro, and I doubt if this is by design.
It has to do with the Tempo lane. Sometimes the points of the tempo line disappear.
When you select a point with the select tool, the lane becomes wider, you see just the tempo lane (that is by design, so ok), but you see just the tempo line and not the black points on the line. And also, if the tempo lane is very small, the points disappear. I can adjust the line with the pencil, but I can’t drag the points, because they are not visible.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this myself: can you give some more steps that would allow me to reproduce this problem?

Hi Daniel, I made a new file (barbershop quartet) and made a video to show the steps.

Tempo Lane problem video

Great, thanks. I can confirm this behaviour. I’ll discuss it with Andrew and we’ll figure out what to do about it.


Following. I have the same problem.