black viper Win 10 optimizations

Already read through the steinberg recommendations but the black viper site seems much more extensive.

The steinberg stuff I can accomplish myself but the BV stuff with registry edits are above my paygrade. Are they all necessary?

Every smart person I know who posts here and elsewhere suggests most of these are garbaje, that except for Power controls and system performance changes there are no real advantages to any of that stuff … their consensus being as I understood it that any further tweaks are unlikely to help, and could actually backfire.

There’s a decent Microsoft employee called “Psychlist1972” who posts on the W10 thread in Gearslutz, if you read his posts you’ll get a much more detailed answer to your question, and a good guy named Pete Kaine on the Sound on Sound forums as well.

BV doesn’t have a meaningful impact on DAW performance, Cubase doesn’t get more headroom, or doesn’t even load faster. The only thing that happens when dissabling all these services is that you lose core windows functionality and break component inrerdepencies you might not be aware of. These causing strange errors for which for sure you will blame MS saying “windows sucks”.

Indeed STAY AWAY from BV as far as possible.