Blacklist a MIDI input port/device?

Is there a way to Blacklist a MIDI input/device so Dorico will totally ignore it?

I want Dorico to totally ignore a particular device/input that gets used for other purposes with other apps while a Dorico session might be open.


Have a look at this post:

That’s correct. We don’t have any UI for this currently, but you can do it via this editing of the preferences xml file. Note that the device name has to match exactly the name found in the engine log.

this works well. I’ve found that a quick way to enable/disable a midi device is simply renaming it in the midi device setup (macos)

Is it currently possible, in any similar manner, to disable midi input for chord symbols only? If not, is this something you can add in the near future?

I’ve tested this feature quite a bit, and I’ve found out it doesn’t suit me. I like to test out different harmonisations on my midi keyboard as I write the chord symbols, so this feature really slows down my work flow.

It’s possible that we could support this in the future, but we have no specific plans for it.