Hi Everyone (again) :laughing:

So I have got my Vst Plugins paths set up.Complete a scan,and noticed a so called Blacklist :open_mouth:
Now I fully understand that Cubase runs on 64bit and some of my vst plugins are also in 32 bit so they won’t get used,but the 64 bit ones will,thats ok

But was wondering if this so called naughty step,is to protect the Cubase software? Does this list just sit there,and not get deleted?

What say you?
Thanks again for your help :smiley:

Aside from balacklisting 32bit plugs, It is to minimise chances of Cubase crashing due to badly coded plugs.

The blacklist will just sit there unless you trash preferences at any point or manually delete the blacklist xml and it will be recreated the next time you start Cubase (like all prefs)

You can unblacklist individual plugins (except for 32 bit) at your own risk.

So say I.

Cubase 9+ doesn’t support 32bit plug-ins and these are blacklisted in the scanning during startup procedure. Use Devices - Plugin Manager from the menu to see your effect and instrument plugins, and also those that have been blacklisted. There is plenty of info here on workarounds if you have specific 32-bit VSTs you really want off the blacklist, but it’s at your own risk.

Thanks for the info,everyone,appeciated