Blacklisted plug ins after upgrading from 10.0.50 to 10.5

After upgrading from 10.0.50 to 10.5, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, KONTAKT.dll was Blacklisted. This is because Steinberg no longer supports 32 bit plugins BUT it says that CONTACT is 64 bit.
Also, two out of three plugs from were blacklisted, ADDICTIVE DRUMS 2 and ADDICTIVE KEYS BUT not the older ADDICTIVE DRUMS 1.
Why is it so? Are the plug in manufacturers that do not have updated plug ins, bad code?
I’m running PC WIN 10

Should I have done a FULL INSTALL instead of the upgrade installation to 10.5?

Otherwise 10.5 works very well!
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Cubase tests the plug-ins while start. If there is any bad code with potential of crash, Cubase blacklists the plug-in.

Possible solution?

I have the same problem and I just installed Cubase Elements 10.5.So not upgraded. My addictive drum 2 does not work at all, I have also installed the demo version from EZ Dummer 2 and it happened the same blacklisted, I ensured I have installed the 64 bit version but no matter what I do it does not take it. Addictive Drums 1 works… Something is wron in Cubase…I m coming to reaper and for get about it.