Blacklisted plugin HELP!

I upgraded to CBP 9 and now my Neugen Audio,Izotope,(RX5,RX 3,Ozone 7 etc…) are all Blacklisted,they are ALL 64 bits, they all worked fine in CBP 8.5, they are all the current release,how can I disable the Blacklist, this is causing more issues than it is suppose to solve


Note I tries to Re activate,and it says contact plug in manufacturers…This is a real problem for me
Might have to roll back to 8.5…
Not feeling the Love for 9…money wasted

Note that iZotope plugins will show the engine DLL blacklisted while the actual plugin still works. Those DLLs that start with just “iZ” are not actual plugins. See if your iZotope plugs are still showing in the plugin list. No idea on the Nugen stuff though.

Actually it turns out there’s a lot more going on for Mac users than just this… post 2 here

Thanks for the support