Blacklisted plugins- Am I just "shit out of luck"???

I finally updated to C9 this afternoon and noticed about 20 plugins are blacklisted. 5 are 32-bit and the rest are recent 64-bit. I suppose I could live without most of them, but I really enjoyed my Superwave Professional and Ultimate, and OB-Xtreme (all 32-bit). Even some new Izotope stuff is blacklisted. Is there no way C9 can utilize these? C8 had no problem with them. As they say, am I just “s-h-i-t out of luck” here??? LOL

  1. Contact Izotope. All my Izotope plugs work now.

  2. Have you tried jBridger? Best $15 you can spend.

Are you sure your Izotopes are not there in the plugin menu? Mostly the blacklisted izotopes are not the plugins themselves but supporting dll’s. Has no effect on the use.
And I agree jbridge is veryyyy useful.

I actually bought jbridge many years ago, but didn’t need it anymore once I was at 95% of my plugs at 64bit. My 32-bit plugins worked just fine in Cubase 8.5 without Jbridge. So now I must install jbridge once more, and hopefully my three 32-bit plugins should work again. Ok then! Thanks! :slight_smile:

On another note, other than the improved graphics on C9 that I’ve noticed, it seems to be a very ho-hum update. I still think that Cubase is the best DAW out there, but I’m seeing very little improvement over C8.5 so far. Maybe I just need to use it for a few more days to spot some new goodies.

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